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I own a 2007 PC model 2551 and it came with an "Executive HTS-1000 DVD Home Theater System. The amp/tuner/DVD player stopped working. Has on power to it. When trouble shooting I heard a little buzz & spark so I've taken the unit out.
I want to either get a new one just like it re-install or get something similar that will work the same way and fit in the same cabinet space.
Does anyone know where I can get info. on the manufacturer of this unit? I've searched the web and have not found much info. on this Executive brand.
Or does anyone have another brand recommendation? I just want the amp/tuner/DVD player. Speakers are fine & in place.
Thank you for any suggestions.

General Discussion / Towing Dingy with 2551 E450
« on: October 16, 2009, 12:38:13 pm »
I have a PC 2551 E450 chassis. I'm researching and trying to decide on what would be the best vehicle to flat tow behind.
We'd like to have an AWD or 4WD to deal with MN winters, but FWD would probably be fine since we live in the city. We'll be using this vehicle for every day at home as well. We don't want anything too small there's no room for backseat riders or no cargo room. Something mid sized would be best.
Does anyone have good recommendations on vehicles that they think would be a good fit for us?
I'm curious how much towing a vehicle will effect our driving or mileage as well.
I suppose we'll have to add a brake system as well. Any recommendations on that would be great. Do those have to be professionally installed?
We want the front of the towed vehicle to look as normal as possible while using in everyday use. We'd like the base plates to be as unobtrusive as possible. Which brand seems best for that? Blue OX?
Any thoughts, opinions, or recommendations on any of this would be greatly appreciated. It's very helpful to hear from real, everyday RVers.

Thank You


Hi Ron!
I've been researching and reading posts on the Cruiser's Forum since last winter. I purchased an 07 2551 early this spring and love it. Like you it seems, one of the things I like most about owning an RV is getting set up just the way we like it. It's a hobby.
I really like reading your posts because it seems you address lots of the things or questions I'm thinking about.
I have a Black & Decker BC40EWB on the way!One of my next projects is installing the battery shield from the tires.

Question 1: DIM INTERIOR COACH LIGHTS? Do you (or anyone else) experience dim coach lights when running off battery power? It seems more often than not my factory fluorescent lights don't power up all the way when running on battery power. Sort of like when you're trying to turn on a fluorescent in cold temps. but it hasn't been cold necessarily. They're fine when hooked to shore power.

Question 2: Could you send me more detailed info. about how you added the pressure tank on your RV please? r.sackett@mchsi.com Any tricks to winterizing now with the tank? Do you have a by pass installed or do you have to fill the tank with antifreeze.

Question 3: Did you contact ShurFlow about how much you could shroud your water pump? I was thinking of making a sound deadening shroud as well but didn't know if that's OK for the pump, air flow, etc..

Thanks for all the info. and great ideas!


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