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The only real gripe I have with the warranty is the "full timing" disclaimer, "LLC" disclaimer, and "substantial damage" and its interpretation. But have seen this in other warranty's.

The other exceptions to the warranty seem to be sort of normal I think...although could be gray areas.  The 90 day paint warranty a bit unusual maybe.  The "complete body structure" can be all encompassing (or not) (nod)  Covering all PC structural/built items with the exception of those items that carry their own warranty...which is quite a few things, and not unusual for other RV builders. PC does not define certain components in the structure as do other makers.  The words improper installation by PC is not mentioned, nor would it be in any other warranty I believe.  However if they installed the grey and black water tanks backwards, generator upside down, or wired the micro wave improperly, this would be covered in the "complete body structure" I am sure.

The chassis warranty is mentioned, which would be all Ford with exceptions for other vendors add on's like Quigleys stuff.  This is sort of alluded to in the wording.

The last area of who takes care of any of these malfunctions seems to be addressed in legalized talk.  The first thought if it is vendor related...owner takes care of.  Well yes in a way "unless" you live near an authorized service center.  In that case I am assuming that PC will repair all and deal with the vendor themselves.  Or, if out of the area you can bring to a authorized vendor repair center get done yourself.  If a body structure problem.  Get authorization from PC to get work done.

My interpretation of whats covered in the PC warranty and by whom is attached.

Sad I guess and guessing they are not the only ones. For me I could care less, there is no way I would buy a new Rv with the endless used units available with so little use.  However I appreciate those that just have to buy new to keep those used units coming.

Unfortunately PC's main competition has been bucking the trend on warranties.  Of the five smaller boutique class C and B+ builders PC seems to be going the other way.  Lazy Daze still has a 1 yr unlimited mileage warranty.....Total different animal there.  The other three have been increasing there warranty times.  See attached.

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Company notice back in March or April about selling PC's

I was just reading that attached warranty and and I think it says you have to take it to the dealer you bought it from to have warranty service done. Since all sales route through Camper's Inn now, do you have to have it serviced by them? Do they have service centers?

Campers Inn has 22 locations from Maine to Florida.  Only 5-6 sell PC's so not sure all of their locations will work on as of yet.  The home office will work on and I believe it states in the fine print that you can have other RV repair shops work on with prior approval from home office.  This only if you are not near an authorized repair center.

(Quote) I knew some RV dealers stated full time use voided the warranty so I specifically checked that prior to purchase. Phoenix would have been cut from my list at the get go. We had to shop insurance also to make sure full time use was covered.

I took a look at the other smaller class B+ makers to see if anything unique in the warranty's.  Nothing really, other then they are all longer then PC.  Really don't understand why they are doing this.  See attached.


The other thing I noticed hidden in the fine print is whats considered commercial use.  "Any PC registered to an LLC shall be deemed commercial use".  Many owners will set up LLC's to avoid certain taxes levied in different states. I am not debating if this is a right or wrong issue morally, but it is legal in certain states, and has nothing to do with commercial use!

I guess the bottom line is that your 12 month, 12,000 mile "limited warranty" is truly limited to a total of 228 days, with no more then 30 consecutive days, or 36 days over a 2 month period of use during the first year.  You'll have to employ a statistician to keep track of use the first year.  Can you imagine the questions asked on a warranty claim? :help  Would not think that PC would have a Robert Mueller team ready to investigate.

Hell of a sales tool.  Makes me think twice if they ever fully develop the TRX.  Will have to bring a black magic marker and pen to strike certain wording in the warranty!

My 2 cents.

Bummer!  There goes the 6 week cross country trip in your new PC...at least under warranty :'(

General Discussion / Re: Aluminum Wheels
« on: May 17, 2019, 01:26:49 pm »
The upside is that they are a bit lighter weight, more corrosion resistant.  They are also milled on a lathe VS stamped and welded so much less wobble and vibration.  They are cooler running and dissipate heat better.

The downside is there is not that much weight savings.  Alum wheels have a tendency to warp and crack if made to light weight.  Hence good ones are almost as heavy as steel wheels.

On RV's they only use four alloy wheels.  The inside dully's stay steel.  They look nice though ;) 

Yes, technology is good.  But too fast in one direction can do harm. All of this battery technology and Cell business will come to be in the RV industry.  But only after is is ready for our service.  Just my 2 cents.

Good point!

In one of Steve Gerzeny, owner of Coach House RV, walk thru videos goes into a detailed explaination as to why Coach House does not support using Lithium batteries in any of their coaches at this time.  His thoughts of Lithiums being produces by smaller mom and pop operations at this point, prohibits Coach House using until there is a true national distributor that can service these batteries any place in the country.

General Discussion / Re: Options qustions...
« on: May 12, 2019, 06:10:10 pm »
-   What experience with compressor refrigerators? Hoping to learn brands and models used? Are you Satisfied?

Jim I have had two Nova Kool compressor fridges. Both were both AC/DC. The last one ran for 12 years almost 24/7 with not a hitch.  I believe J Trax on this site from Oregon had one installed.


Go Bruins....we are expats from the hub area.

General Discussion / Re: Automatic Entry Step
« on: May 12, 2019, 10:41:17 am »
So what make and model step does PC use?  Seems to be a problem on Lippert "Kiwkee" steps.

General Discussion / Re: Refrigerator
« on: April 23, 2019, 05:52:53 pm »

General Discussion / Lithium Battery Charging systems---Goods & Bads
« on: April 18, 2019, 10:00:52 am »
Interesting reading from a professional Lithium Battery engineer.  Although the article deals almost exclusively with Class B RV's and MB engines, there is references to other class's of RV's and also gas engines.

It should be noted that the Ford Transit diesel engines do not suffer from all the ill's of the MB diesel engine.



General Discussion / Re: Replacement of Fiamma 45i awning
« on: April 15, 2019, 02:44:34 pm »
OK... The Fiamma awning was torn by a gust of wind. Really wont miss the POS, never been happy with it. Now a new awning is immediate.  (exactly)

2006 model 2350. I want to put a 14 (?) foot awning on it. Anyone have good sugg's ? Anything/brands to avoid? First time buying an awning.


I would avoid the Colorado Carefree Awnings.  They have been the biggest repair item on the Class B and small Class C's at Winnebago.  Fabric delamination, fabric tears, not rolling up evenly, hydraulic struts failing, stripped gears and motor failures.  The plus side is that the company has been very responsive in replacing items under warranty.

General Discussion / Re: Sumo Springs: 2351
« on: April 12, 2019, 10:04:08 am »
The Ford Transits have a very low to ground rear end when used as a chassis for an RV.  20-30 Fuse Forum members have installed Sumo Super springs in varying configurations to raise the height.  The Sumo coils alone will raise the height 1.5"-2.0''.  Combined with the Sumo leaf spring 3"-4".  The secondary benefit is ride improvement.  Now the Transit is considered the best handling and riding chassis currently on the market.  Owners have said that the Sumo's have made it even better. There has not been a negative comment on the Sumo's after installing.

Several of the true class B vans like the Coachmen Crossfit are including the Sumo's as standard equipment on the Transit. Installation cost seem to range from $500-$800 depending on the configuration.

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