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General Discussion / Re: Distribution Box AVS050HD
« on: June 12, 2019, 05:22:26 pm »
Agree with previous post.  We took delivery of our 2552 in March this year and it is set up same way.  I assume it's there in case we want to add additional components later.

General Discussion / Re: Roadside Assistance
« on: March 25, 2019, 02:19:02 pm »
We will NEVER use Good Sam (or shop again at Camping World but that's a different tale) and here's why.  The one and only time I called Good Sam Roadside Asst was after a front tire blowout on my Fleetwood Class A.  The blowout occurred about 5pm at highway speed on busy I-85 and I was pretty rattled afterward.  It was 95 degrees out but I got stopped under a bridge overpass for some shade.  When I called GS a giggling young lady answered the phone.  I answered all her questions (what state, which highway, what mile marker on that highway, etc) and she said she would send help.  I happened to be about 15-20 miles from two pretty good sized cities in North Carolina (Winston Salem and Greensboro).  I waited a couple hours and finally got a call..."I'm here but I don't see you" he said.  "I'm right here under the bridge at exit 102" I replied.  "No I'm on the bridge looking down - there's no RV there".  Then he said "are you headed toward Spartanburg" and it hit me - SHE SENT HIM TO THE WRONG STATE.  The helpful tire man was in South Carolina (and ironically dispatched from across the border in NC to go there).  I had some lively discussion with GS when I called back, but the short version is I had to wait until the next day to get my tire changed because "we can find anybody tonight."

The next morning about 10 am a nice young man from Schneider's Tire service got us back on the road.  Interestingly he told me that he had seen us a couple times the evening before sitting under the bridge, and that they (Schneider's) get calls from GS "all the time" but GS did not call them until that morning.

I understand that many folks swear by GS and this is just one story - but it was enough for me to say enough.

General Discussion / Ford warranty issue on new coach
« on: March 19, 2019, 09:35:32 pm »
While on the way for our FIRST weekend in our NEW 2552 (the "Toaster"), I noticed the "check engine" light was on (solid, not flashing).  Less than 1200* miles on it.  Pulled over, did some quick research, checked the gas cap (it was tight) and finally continued on our way.  All the info I could find indicated that, if the engine was performing properly it was safe to continue until we could get it checked.  The campground is 28 miles from our home.  Got home Sunday no problem and first thing Monday I called the local Ford dealer (less than 10 miles away), told the story, and was told "we don't work on RV's".  Called the next closest dealership (about 20 miles away), they asked the wheelbase length then replied "that's just over out limit."   Called the next closest dealership (30 miles away), they "only have one lift that can handle something that big and it's occupied right now" so they could not help.

On the advice of an acquaintance I drove the rig to the local Advance Auto and the nice fellow there (Jay) determined the error code was "P0496" which is "an issue with the purge flow in the EVAP system.  Apparently the engine was not handling emissions safely as designed.  I next called the AWESOME folks at Capital Ford in Charlotte (40 miles from home) and made a service appointment in the Heavy Truck Center.  They diagnosed a "purge valve was stuck" and replaced it, under warranty of course, and all is well.  Paul at the desk there was outstanding to deal with and we had our beloved Toaster home in the same day. 

It bothers me that none of the first service centers I called even offered to try and diagnose the issue, even if not equipped to fix it themselves.  Perhaps they might have helped me find the nearest dealer that could help.  They could have done better than "we don't work on RV's" or "our lift is tied up" - each time I explained clearly that we have a new E-450 under warranty.  All is well now, but we have looked up the Ford corporate customer service number and plan to give them a call.

*About the 1200 miles - the coach had 950 miles when we drove it home, I assume having been driven from Indiana to Raleigh NC.  We drove it 160 miles home from Raleigh.

Gary B
North Carolina

General Discussion / Re: Phoenix Cruiser Company problems?
« on: March 13, 2019, 08:01:05 pm »
Hi all - just wanted to report that we are the happy new owners of the 2552 from C.I. of Raleigh NC.  AND happy to report that Tina has helped get us on this forum as well.  I posted earlier of our C.I experience but sorry don't know how yet to link to it.

Gary & Kristy
North Carolina

General Discussion / Re: New 3100 for sale at Campers Inn
« on: March 13, 2019, 04:46:26 pm »
We brought our 2019 2552 home on March 7, purchased new from Campers Inn of Raleigh NC.  I have since went on the PC website to "build it" with the options our coach has and found that we paid essentially the same price as the "discount" factory direct price.  In fact the salesman at C.I. told us that "PC has set the prices" implying no room to negotiate. 

We feel very fortunate at the timing actually.  We had been shopping for months and had settled on PC either 2552, 2351D, or 2350 - though we have never seen a PC in person other than driving on the road.  Earl's videos were the selling point.  We were looking at hotels in the Elkhart area and deciding whether to drive or fly there.  I happened to contact a fellow in
Florida about his 2016 2552 for sale and he told me about the Campers Inn arrangement.  I then found the Raleigh store had 3 on site (models 2552, 2351D and 2350 no less) and we drove there on March 1 (3 hours drive) and brought the 2552 home on March 7.

We could not be happier needless to say, the PC is a cut above.  We are leaving for our first weekend trip tomorrow.  The staff at the Campers Inn dealership seemed genuinely excited about the new arrangement though they did not yet know how to promote the quality and features that make the PC difference.  I helped them as much as i could  :).  Actually the salesman (who was great) felt like he had been to school - I explained it came from watching 100 videos about 100 times each!!

See you on the road!

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