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General Discussion / Re: Yellowing Shower Pan
« on: February 29, 2016, 10:22:38 am »
thanks for the comments, very helpful,,,, Kermit thought it was UV,, I don't think so,,, remember used,,  to have had that much sun damage the rear end and rest of the Cruiser also would have tell tale signs of extensive sun damage, the paint and decals are in to good of shape for this to have happened,, I also have it indoors for 3 years,,,  think I'm going to look at repaint first, then maybe clean it very very carefully haha  will update with results   may be awhile  thanks again
2008  2350

General Discussion / Yellowing Shower Pan
« on: February 27, 2016, 12:58:23 pm »
Could not find this topic covered

 Have 2008 2350 used,,,, Shower pan has yellowed. Also up the sides some what,,, Looks to me like someone may have tried to clean the shower, used wrong chemical (bleach?) and stained it.   We left well enough alone, no deterioration  of plastic with-in pan.
Comments to cause?

Has anyone replaced pan? Cost?

Adventure Anywhere / Re: ALASKA ADVENTURE
« on: August 14, 2015, 07:54:00 am »
Andboy is   8ish,,, do not know actual,,,, rescue dog,   he is our 3rd one,,,, His second trip to Alaska with us.

Adventure Anywhere / Re: ALASKA ADVENTURE
« on: July 30, 2015, 08:36:07 am »
Thanks Ron  Carol

     Andyboy did great,,, he sleeps a lot haha,,,, every time we would pull over to take pics he usually just kept sleeping,,, we pull over so much he would just get bored,,, I got him up one time to look at a bear and he just woofed and growled some haha...

Ron   glad you could see the pics...   lots and lots of info on traveling there, so a great trip to plan,,, we may go back one more time,, we did not use the ferry boats,, you have to leave your dog in the RV and ours gets to nervous,, I want to go back to Banff and Jasper ( which your not that far from) beautiful parks,,,, our gkids are in Portland so we may swing back up there do that then down to Portland ,,,  Our other trip was in the fall,,,,  we saw lots more animals on this trip,, July August real crowded, so either go early or late,, nice being retired go when you want haha,,,,,, we never had a problem with RV parks,,,, Denali, Jasper NP  reservations  a must though,, Jasper was full when we went, Jasper Banff,,, travel the old park highway to see animals, slow, but you can't see anything on the big highway, everything fenced

General Discussion / Re: CLEARANCE LIGHTS REAR
« on: July 30, 2015, 08:18:53 am »
I guess I missed some of the postings since I was in Alaska,,,,,,,, these are the 3 inch lights at the top..rear,  they are sealed so you can not replace the bulbs.  I contacted PC  they sent me the mfers name Command,,, ordered two,, easy to replace,, just cut the new plugs off the black/white wire retwist into the wire nut, a little bit of caulk and done,, I think they were 8/9 bucks each,,, shipping was not cheap figures, 



PS I had to replace one of the rectangular lens covers, rear, bottom, side , red,,, could not just find a lens, so purchased the light a Camping World,,,   Now to call the insurance company and get ready to replace front winshield  the woooohs of traveling the Alaska Highway haha

Adventure Anywhere / ALASKA ADVENTURE
« on: July 09, 2015, 10:53:12 am »
   Well proud to report just got back from Alaska.   10409 miles  the ole PC held up great, One broken red clearance light, two door latches and a cracked windshield,, rock caught us on the edge of the windshield and of course it cracked it.  Lots of tar  on the rear end which I am slowly cleaning off and about 50lbs of mud and rock. I cold barely open the battery carrier with all the gravel in it..   Cost of gas was not to bad,,,total of 3558.62     US prices of course were lower,,, 329  to 345....Canada was ok usually at least 4.00 plus a gallon, got caught short one time had to pay over 5.00,, still a lot cheaper than last time,,,,  MPG was around 10.5 for the trip.   Saw 4 other PC's on the trip.  Most of the roads were in good shape except around Beaver Creek going into Alaska, lots of road work around the Parks Highway (Denali)  We let May 17th  and returned June 23,,, weather was cool to cold,,, bugs were minimal.  Saw tons and tons of animals especially bears,WOW,,, last time we went in the fall and saw nothing like we did on this trip.  Anyone interested in more info  message me  I think you can see my pics on FLKR. go to Albums   current trip is ALASKA 2015, BEARS, ANIMALS, FLOWERS, and ALL(about 1400 pics in that album)  let me know if interested.  I think FLKR is in yahoo so you may have to join yahoo



General Discussion / CLEARANCE LIGHTS REAR
« on: May 23, 2015, 11:11:54 am »
I've got 2 of the red clearance lights out. Stopped at couple of places can not seem to find a replacement.  Does anyone know the brand, I think the size if either 21/2 or 3 inches,, the black circle is @ 1/2 inch they are a solid light  you have to replace the whole unit.  were on the road and when I pulled into a Camping World about 8 people in line and I did not want to waste an hour standing in line.  thanks in advance

General Discussion / Re: 12 volt air compressor
« on: May 13, 2015, 09:16:02 am »
I use the Kobalt 12 volt  AC/DC        http://www.lowes.com/pd_146781-40883-KL12120_0__    first one quit working after two weeks, Replaced free,  had the second one 2 years now... Very Very hand,,, when not traveling use around the house for the bikes,, use it all the time. Also for my cars.   I paid 39.00 for mine was on sale I guess.

    HINT,,, the guys are right about the power does take awhile,,,, when traveling I constantly/.
 daily check the pressure and usually only have to add couple of pounds so does not tax the compressor and usually easy peasy.....  If I use it to add 10lbs,,, I will let it cool off ,, very good points,,, realize you experienced RV hints are for the compressor haha

Tips and Tricks / Re: Directions for Samsung TV/DVD Player
« on: April 15, 2015, 10:30:26 am »
Thanks for the info....QUICK NOTE    we have 2008 2350  started having problems, no dvd, would not pick up AIR (antenna)  took out the TV and was thinking that maybe the TV was so old might need a new one,, cables were older,, replaced all the cables with newer editions,,  everything working find now.... little bit of work  on the mounts but worth it,,,  PS don't forget the antenna power switch

General Discussion / Re: Toilet upgrade to Dometic 320 series
« on: April 15, 2015, 10:22:24 am »
To be honest was just a problem getting the correct toilet haha...   installation was easy and for anyone a little handy should be no problem.. Being and getting older the higher toilet is very nice,,, especially for the boss

PS   can not wait to leave   gas is cheap cheap haha

Adventure Anywhere / ANY ONE GOING TO ALASKA
« on: April 14, 2015, 11:51:39 am »
Headed out to Alaska soon from Houston,  this is our second trip,,,  feel like leaving today with GAS prices so low,,, figure I'm going to save over a grand compared to the last trip...anyone else going to the great North??? 

General Discussion / Re: Toilet upgrade to Dometic 320 series
« on: April 14, 2015, 11:44:13 am »
see if this helps          http://replacingthetoiletinourcuriser.blogspot.com/          I think I posted this last summer on my Summer Projects list

General Discussion / Re: Phoenix Questions
« on: March 02, 2015, 09:05:53 am »
PURCHASE  AWAY FROM HOME  welcome,,   We purchased our PC2350 out of Seattle (we live in Houston)  I think you could get someone from the forum to go check out a vehicle in the area. I went and checked out a 2551 at our local Camping World for someone,, they sent me a $50 gift card from Starbucks,,,  covered my gas..  time was no problem was fun.     Both RV's I have purchased  were used... The first one I paid a local  RV shop to inspect I did not have enough experience....  There are some dealers who will pay you to fly in and purchase... you can really get some good deals on used,, I would love to buy a brand new unit but money rules haha

General Discussion / Re: short time storage
« on: December 14, 2014, 11:34:01 am »
   We have had many discussions on just storing the units,,, to protect not protect (covered) so want get into that

This subjects opens another  What if or This is how I do it... do not get me wrong,,, and why are so many things difficult with these rv's///

I always read turn everything off,, go in and run the genie every couple of weeks... I do 2/3 weeks  drive the Beast  once a month..  Now I'm confused again

   Does not leaving it plugged in and keeping the batteries charged all the time mess with the cycle of the battery?  I only have a converter.. but on our Roadtrek the inverter would run a lot even if not using power  Jeepers why does this get so confusing haha... I'm sure some of the old timers can answer this question about battery cycle etc 

General Discussion / Re: Tire and battery advice
« on: November 13, 2014, 11:48:12 am »
    Understand,,,, we have had our unit for two years,,, used,,,, purchased it in Seattle had it delivered to Vegas where we picked it up... were from Houston..... To be honest I could afford a new unit,, but I'm such a cheap *&^*  haha,,, no we got such a good deal and a little research shows how easy with a little patience you can find a GREAT RV...   our first RV was a Roadtrek,,, I had the tires rotated  messed the alignment all up  BTW could not feel a thing when driving... so I pay a lot attention to new tires, alignment etc,,,  when I get the new tires will do an alignment,, not rotation,, but keep a hawk eye on the treads,,,  speaking of doing things,, all my neighbors hate me I'm the only one around here who still mows their own yard.I keep seeing all the crews hanging Xmas lights,, guess it's time to get the ladder out. haha


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