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Tips and Tricks / Re: electrically operated dump valve
« on: April 29, 2017, 04:28:34 pm »
Just found the video. It's the one comparing PC to the poorly disguised mystery coach. Kyle indicates that if there is a problem to loosen the gray clamp and pull the handle to open the valve. Just looked at mine and not sure how that will accomplish the override but its probably worth a try.
Again good luck and let us know how you make out.

Tips and Tricks / Re: electrically operated dump valve
« on: April 29, 2017, 03:34:59 pm »
I could be mistaken but I thought on one of Earls how to videos he talked about a manual override ability. In rushing a winterization once on the road I stupidly pulled one of the tank valves instead of the sewer hose connection valve and it ended up with the internal gears out of synch.  I was able to disassemble the valve and get the gears back to where they belong, but it wasn't fun.
Best of luck.

Tips and Tricks / Re: 4 Way Water Fill Valve
« on: April 08, 2017, 02:36:05 pm »
Yes we always use a regulator as well as turning off the water and reducing pressure prior to moving the valve.
The interesting thing is when it does leak I find turning the water off and rotating the valve will often get it working properly again. That is the situation now, leaking one day last week and is working now. Hopefully have not jinxed it by saying so.
Have my third one sitting at home and will swap out when we return.

General Discussion / Re: Check your macerator pump
« on: February 22, 2017, 05:51:53 pm »
Another macerator issue for which there is an older thread regards the damage the screw that holds the aft most hose bracket can cause to the hose where the screw protrudes though the compartment wall.
It's a self tapping screw that protrudes  3/16th of an inch or so and can puncture the hose.
I remember reading the original post but forgot about it until a week or so ago while pumping I suddenly had a significant leak. I believe what happens is when the pump is running the section of hose between the bracket and elbow whips around violently and comes in contact with the tip of the screw.  I think it is worse with the new turbo pump or whatever it's called.
While waiting for a replacement hose and an opportunity to replace the screw I have removed it and first wrapped the holes, at least two with stretch and seal tape then wrapped it with multiple layers of duct tape.  I continued wrapping through the hole in the compartment as it is a very rough cut surface and am concerned that with time could wear into the hose.
So far the repair is holding up.

General Discussion / Re: Motorhomeless
« on: February 02, 2017, 05:05:03 pm »
Were sure going to miss you guys on the forum.
Were Looking forward to seeing the new home in Maine this summer.
Best of luck.
Bob and Michele

A few additional comments, besides the plate scrapping, when we sailed we never stacked any dirty dishes, thus less surface area to clean. However I could only do this when my wife wasn't in the galley.
After talking with Barry of Sue and Barry, we just bought a 12 gallon blue boy tote and a 5 foot tote hose.  Once a day I train the gray tank via the auxiliary dump and pull it over to the dump station.
We just left Flamingo in the Everglades, which only has electrical hookups and after 4 days still had enough capacity in my black tank for a few more days, if you can trust the indicator lights.
I am being meticulous about keeping the tank clean and when traveling wrapping it in a construction grade black bag ind then wrappping in a blue tarp before it goes in the back of the car. Alternatively it is light enough that it could easily go on top of the P C.
I also have to agree with the comment about not dumping gray tanks anywhere but in designated dump stations.  We've come so far in cleaning up our rivers and other bodies of water that we must guard against any action that could compromise them.

Tips and Tricks / Blue Ox service
« on: January 19, 2017, 07:04:26 am »
Just before going to the Tampa RV show yesterday we heard that Blue Ox sends a team to service their tow bars, was also told to be there early as it's a popular service.  Even though we arrived when the gates opened I still stood in line for 30 minutes to register. For $35 they dissemble the entire unit, lubticate and replace worn parts.  Some had brought theirs with them on handcarts, if you don't they take your number, call when your up and take you in a cart to your car, I had mine in the back of the CRV and service it on the spot.
I don't know where else they offer the service but would guess it would be most other major shows.

General Discussion / Re: euro chairs
« on: January 17, 2017, 10:32:21 am »
Love my Euro chair. Went back and forth between 2551 and the 2552 and the Euro  chair was the determining factor.

General Discussion / Re: Slideout or not and Mercedes vs E-450
« on: December 22, 2016, 02:02:32 pm »
We also started with the Sprinter and there are many benefits to it mileage being the first. As Judi said the comfort , roominess, of the cab  is a big plus, getting out of the seats is a lot easier especially the older we get.  Handling, maneuverability and the paddle shifter are likewise advantages.
One of the downsides of course is the cost of maintenance, oil changes if done by a dealer run in the $400 range, although I think it's around 10000 miles between.  We had several check engine light issues' we fortunately were covered by warranty, we bought an extended warranty which was for peace of mind. I thought the check engine light should have been represented by a dollar sign.
Finding "good diesel" can on occasion be a problem. Biodiesel, soy blend, is becoming more common. MB recommends nothing above 5 percent, B5, but up to B20 is common. It's all about the emissions system which is very fussy. Search the web lots about this.
Lastly the CCC of Sprinter is much less than the E450.
While we found many things we liked about our 2350 Sprinter (corner bed not being one of those) we find our 2552 much more functional for us. The Interior storage and roominess of the 2552 over the 2350 made all the difference to our comfort both mental and physical in the four plus months a year we spend in it.
Good luck in your search. bob

Adventure Anywhere / Re: Shake down tour
« on: December 16, 2016, 04:50:41 pm »
Garmp, we visited Fairy Stone in the late spring of 2014 with our young grandkids.  We found it to be a nice park, sites according to my notes were wooded but close together.  We all enjoyed digging for the fairy stones and did find a few good ones. There is a small lake that the kids enjoyed. 
We drove into the park from the western approach which was hilly, narrow with lots of turns. We left from the eastern side, cannot remember the route numbers, which was much more manageable.
It's a pretty part of Virginia and well worth the visit.

General Discussion / Re: Cold weather Mercedes diesel
« on: December 10, 2016, 11:41:34 am »
Congratulations on your purchase
We owned a 2012 2350 Sprinter and did not have any issues with cold weather starting, but probably never started in temperatures when it got down into the teens. There are a lot of commercial Sprinters in our area and I would guess they do not have block heaters.
As much as we enjoy our 2552 I do miss the performance and handling of the Sprinter, I think you made a good choice.

General Discussion / Re: Satellite TV?
« on: November 16, 2016, 09:32:38 pm »
We subscribe to Direct TV and take our receiver from home.  We use the Winegard G2 carry out dish and are generally pleased with the overall service. They are good in changing customers to local area stations a change we make a number of times during our winter travels.
The portable dish does not pick up DT HD programing, which we have not found to be an issue.
I have read there are changes in the works for DT since being bought by AT&T, something is happening in a year or two with the discontinuation of one of their satellite, the specifics of which I can't remember, but will negatively affect services. I have also read that by 2020, there is talk of dropping satellite service altogether and just going with streaming services.
From what I have picked up on other forums Dish appears to be a very popular system with a lot of R V travelers 

Tips and Tricks / Re: New Drawers and a Door too
« on: November 12, 2016, 12:16:08 pm »
Very nice work, also noticed that you did a significant upgrade in the draw locks you used.
We spend 4 plus months living in ours so am also always in search for improved storage.
I discovered recently that there is a "significant" amount of unused space between the outside wall and the outboard partition of the bed on the drivers side, where you made your changes. However in the area is the gasoline fill inlet, shore power and lots of wiring.  I made protective partitions so as not to jeopardize or damage anything already there,  basically small boxes, then cut an access hole in the top of the fixed outboard bed board, like the one on top of the passenger bed.  It's not a lot of extra space but it will be useful for infrequently used items.
Your earlier posting about the shelves in the bedroom, we've debated doing that, but elected to make cloth pouches, my wife did, they are just big enough to hold our IPads, phone etc.  The back of the pouches is long enough to go under the mattress where it is velcroed down.  On our trips this summer they worked in keeping things off the floor at night.
I noticed someone recently posted that they ordered their new PC with the old style couch with the two draws underneath.  We really miss those drawers that we had in our 2350 and if to do it over again would ask for that change, personally I think the couch was more comfortable also.
Again lovely work


 We tow a 2014 Honda CRV, which I believe is the last model year that can be towed as I think they went to the constant velocity transmission starting in 2015.
Like Pax's Ford the speed is limited to 65mph and the transmission needs to be manually exercised every 8 hours which is not a big deal.  We do have issues with its battery going dead occasionally there are fixes for that and it's on my to do list.
We are set up with Blue Ox plate and tow bars which I am happy with.  We use their Patriot braking system which I am not crazy about and if buying new would look at other systems.

On our 2350 I also had to disassemble one of ours due to a gear wheel problem, self inflicted and as Tom said there is no slack, plus your working on your back. However, with an extra pair of hands from my son in law we were able to do it without cutting any wires, but it wasn't fun.
Good luck.

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