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Tips and Tricks / Re: Bathroom shelf for Model 2350
« on: May 10, 2018, 01:15:12 pm »
That is a terrific idea!  We did extend the countertop over on ours and attached a toilet paper holder underneath which is helpful.  We got the same material from the company that the countertop was made of to do it.  This idea gives some much needed storage as well.  Great job!

Thank you so much for your responses.  I you do still have an itinerary, I would love to see it.  It may be too late to get reservations at campgrounds for this summer but I hope we can.  We don't mind not having hookups and rarely do when out and about exploring.  Like so many others, we love to just go and spend as much time as we want without having to stick to a schedule dictated by reservations but I guess those days are about over for everywhere.  I appreciate all of your comments.


I was looking through old posts today attempting to see if anyone had traveled up to the Banff/Jasper area.  We are thinking about possibly going late summer or early fall.  By any chance, do you have your itinerary posted anywhere or have any helpful ideas?  We also have a 2350 but ours is a Sprinter. 


Tips and Tricks / Re: Modifications & additions to PC 2350
« on: August 30, 2016, 05:09:54 pm »
I haven't been on the blog for quite some time.  Curious and have to ask, do you happen to have a model for source for the table you use?  The one that came with our 2350 '10 is so cumbersome and I don't like it.  Thank you.

Around the Campfire / Re: Our Sparky's last trip
« on: April 27, 2016, 04:33:30 pm »
We were so sorry to read about your loss of Spraky.  We are practically neighbors as we live in San Jose.  We bought our 2350 in 2009 because we didn't want to travel without our little Havanese, Benny.  Benny has liver shunts so is on all kinds of medicines and a special diet.  Consequently we don't leave him with anyone.  He is a happy traveler and doing well.  It is so sad when we lose one of our babies and they mean the world to us. 

- Margie and Pete

General Discussion / Re: Watch out for trojan(virus) from Carol Sims
« on: August 24, 2015, 01:24:17 pm »
Yes, they definitely got hacked.  I talked to Carol a short time ago. 

Adventure Anywhere / Re: Adventure Anywhere - A New Adventure
« on: July 09, 2015, 02:23:34 pm »
Ron, CONGRATULATIONS to you and your beautiful family.  So much fun ahead for all of you.


General Discussion / Cabinet door latches
« on: October 12, 2014, 05:24:46 pm »
Has anyone replaced the plastic door latches in your PC with something stronger that really keeps those doors closed while traveling?  On our recent trip, several of our doors managed to fly open.  We tried some of the magnetic latches and they weren't great either.  We have had our motorhome for five years now and after 30,000 miles those latches just aren't holding.  We have replaced some with the plastic latches that we originally had but would like something much stronger.  Thanks for your help.


Adventure Anywhere / Wonderful trip to Utah and Colorado
« on: October 02, 2014, 04:04:37 pm »
We just returned from a wonderful three-week trip to the parks in Utah and also the San Juan Mountains in Colorado.  While in Moab, I did see another Phoenix Cruiser at the Visitor Center, leaving one of the campgrounds along the Colorado River and they were also entering Deadhorse State Park as we were leaving.  I so wanted to meet these people but we never managed to connect.  Just a quick wave.  We really had a great time and it was hard to head home.  There just never seems to be quite enough time to do everything we would like to do.  We definitely plan to head back that way when possible.  The Million Dollar Highway was just as wonderful as everyone has said and we didn't find it all that difficult to drive as the road was in great condition and we had plenty of room.  On a different trip, we thought the highway going up to Jeremy in Arizona was more difficult.  Of course, my husband was doing the mountain driving and I just had to sit back and relax.  Both he and the PC did a great job.  We thoroughly enjoyed the little village of Silverton in Colorado.  My husband's father worked the mines there in that area in the early 1900's.  When we arrived and visited the museum, they invited us to take part in their 50th anniversary the next day.  Everyone was very friendly and we had a great time there. 


General Discussion / Re: Small, quiet electric heater suggestions???
« on: August 27, 2014, 03:04:18 pm »
Thank you so much to everyone who responded about your choice for a small, quiet, electric heater.  This group is the best!!

Happy travels,

General Discussion / Small, quiet electric heater suggestions???
« on: August 26, 2014, 02:37:08 pm »
Hi everyone.

We are finally attempting to get our act together here and head out in a couple of weeks to the mountains.  Does anyone have a suggestion on which small, quiet, electric heater to purchase for times when we are hooked into electric at a campground?  We normally just do our boondocking but there may be times when we are in a campground with electricity available.  Thank you.


General Discussion / Re: 2350 Outside Storage
« on: July 13, 2014, 05:59:38 pm »
Hi.  That is a real issue for us also.  What we have had to do since we don't tow a vehicle is decide what we will need on a trip and leave some items at home.  We belong to a camping group and most of the people have larger motorhomes and take the grills.  On those outings, we take our two outside chairs.  I don't like the idea of tying things onto the back.  I suppose if we towed a vehicle, it wouldn't be a problem.  I'm anxious to see if anyone else has come up with a better solution to your question.


It seems that I tried everything possible last night to reply to Gail's personal message and it didn't work.  She did send me another personal message with her e-mail. 

Gail, I will gladly respond to your e-mail and answer anything I can about the 2350 we have.  Thank you for your response to my question about the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado.  I appreciate it.


I have received a personal message from a lady who is not yet a member.  I have been attempting to respond to her and so far, haven't had any luck doing so.  I received the message in my e-mail inbox, hit the link to view it, read it and attempted to reply.  What I wrote was there but when I attempted to send it to her using the name she signed in her message, since she isn't yet a member, it wouldn't recognize her. 

Gail, if by chance you are reading this, please reply to this message and I will try to figure this out.  I haven't been using the Forum a lot and I am lost in figuring out how to do this. 


Has anyone traveled the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado with their Phoenix Cruiser?  We are attempting to come up with a few ideas for visiting Colorado in September.  I'm wondering if it is really difficult to drive that highway with a 2350 and also if diesel is available on it.  We would love to just putz around down there and check out the various little towns along the way.  Any information on favorite campsites would be appreciated.  Thank you.


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