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General Discussion / Re: DVR cabinet removal 2010 2551
« on: January 08, 2019, 08:57:34 am »
Thanks for the info, wish me luck. I fear there will be one screw left that I can't find and I'll be left holding the cabinet up for eternity.

General Discussion / DVR cabinet removal 2010 2551 Success!
« on: January 07, 2019, 10:34:22 am »
Has anyone removed the DVR cabinet in a 2551 (overhead,  just forward of the coach door) and have any tips for hopefully taking it out in one piece and minimizing damage to the coach interior? The first time I banged my head on the protruding corner I  swore I would never do that again! That was several head bangs ago (slow learner) and even my much shorter and far more intelligent wife has done it a few times.  I can't afford anymore TBI's. IMHO it is a worthless cabinet in the wrong place, and is one of the few things we don't like about our 2551. I will put a much smaller dvr player and receiver in the more forward cabinet or the dash.
I'm also thinking of then moving the front TV  to the now empty space, mounted on an extending TV mount attached to the side of the remaining adjoining cabinet, so it can actually be seen comfortably from the couch, and build some storage where the TV was.
Has anyone done this?  Any tips, tricks, or cautions? I can see and feel a few screw heads inside the cabinet, it's the ones I can't find I worry about.  I was a carpenter back in my adult life (now post-adult I guess) and am pretty handy.
Thanks in advance!


We had a Pleasure-way Plateau TS Sprinter, a well made small coach that drives easily with good fuel economy. Everything else is expensive, tho. If you have a Mercedes dealership close to you, and deep pockets, the Sprinter is a great vehicle. Be sure to have a power sliding door and bug screens.
We needed something larger and our 2551 is just the ticket.
The Sprinter was great, but we were scared away by the Diesel fuel requirements. Mercedes demands less than 5% bio diesel and some states are requiring higher percentages than that, as much as 20% and this will not only void the warranty but probably cause serious damage. And to my knowledge, there is not much Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel available in Mexico, where we wanted to go at the time.  Also there is not much ground clearance with the 170" wheelbase, you would not want longer.
My two cents, more or less...


General Discussion / Re: RV Cover For 2552
« on: November 15, 2018, 12:34:33 pm »
Almost 10' but you just need to use the zipper near the side door allowing you entry in there as well as the cab passenger door, after undoing one of the under-coach straps.

General Discussion / Re: RV Cover For 2552
« on: November 10, 2018, 12:46:06 pm »
I've had several Goldline covers from National RV Covers and have found them to be great. I have their 28' Class B cover now for our 2551 and expect to get 3-4 years in the blistering western Colorado sun, from past experience. They strap down tightly and are ample enough to reach to about 6" from the ground. They have a 5 year warranty, longer than I've ever kept an RV except for my 2000 Aliner.


Follow their instructions for installation after the first time, which you will need to do to determine front and outside. Hopefully they are now using the method I describe below to pack the cover, which I have shared with them when I got my latest cover.

To remove the cover, unzip the back panel, fold in up over the top. Climb on top and pull the sides up and as neatly as possible fold the sides to the center to about 3 ft wide. Climb down and go to the front and start tightly rolling the folded cover in on itself on top of the hood, which should be clean because that is the way you had it before you put the cover on, I hope.

Now the next time you want to put the cover on, just hoist it to the roof, ( I use a step ladder in addition to the RV ladder) get on top of the RV and unroll the cover to the front over the AC and vents. Start flopping the sides down as you work your way back to the ladder, being careful not to step on accessories up there, but most of all careful not to challenge gravity. You will lose.  This works for any RV or trailer, but is really easy with the Goldline since the back flap unzips in both corners to nearly the top. Be glad you have PC because you can actually walk on the roof.

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