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Hey thanks for the info. I was really concerned about the open spaces on the Ford grille and rocks flying through to the radiator. I guess conditions have gotten worse by Grande Prairie than they were in 2015.

Great picture of the holding tanks. My 2018 3100, looks exactly the same. With that in mind was there ever a real 50 gallon tank on the 3100 or just an advertising gimmick? I ask Dave why they couldn"t at least. add a 35 gallon tank (same size as their black tank) forward of the black tank. That would keep the wastewater centered on the coach and add much needed capacity. He said they would look at it. Engineering should be able to figure out the changes to the drain lines. I plan to follow up with them every few weeks to see if something is really going to happen. Hopefully something positive will happen!

My wife and I are headed to Alaska this summer in our PC3100. We aren't planning to tow which may or may not turn out to be a good decision. We have gone twice before and towed both times but that was when we had bigger class A's.  Has anyone driven up in their Phoenix Cruiser and did you make any special protective coverings etc. for the Ford grille, headlamps or for underneath the motorhome. Any input would be appreciated.

Adventure Anywhere / Re: Custer State Park
« on: April 15, 2019, 06:05:04 pm »
You will love Custer State Park, it is one of our favorite places in the Black Hills. Two super nice campgrounds within the park are Legion Lake and Game Lodge. While you are in the Black Hills you probably will want to visit Wind Cave National Park and it isn't far from Custer State Park. Drive the wildlife loop also to see herds of buffalo. You will find plenty to do and see in the Black Hills, enjoy.

General Discussion / Re: Phoenix's 2019 Brochure,
« on: April 15, 2019, 07:05:07 am »
I know one thing they say was finally corrected in the 2019 brochure and that is the holding tank sizes for several models including mine , a 3100. My 2018 brochure and the 2017 brochure and maybe one or two before it state that the gray tank size is 50 gal. and the black is 35 gal.. Wrong. The black is actually 35 gal. and the gray is 23 gal. Now as far as I am concerned that is absolutely ridiculous when you have over 40 gal. capacity of fresh water. When I was at the plant recently there comment was "well it really isn't a big deal as you can dump grey water on the ground most anywhere". I raised holy H about this and told them those poorly designed models should never have been built if that was the best they could do. I know about there disclaimer statement but I wonder if a jury would agree with them or me. Someone is responsible for this misleading information in the brochure whether by design or mistake. Now, my question for those with models affected, is has anyone had their gray tank switched out to a larger size?

Tips and Tricks / Re: Side window visors for a 2018 E-450
« on: September 28, 2018, 03:53:00 pm »
You might want to give Weather Tech a try because they carry them for models 2014 and before.  I don't think the cab windows have changed since then.  We found that to be true when we ordered a set of their floor mats for our 2018.  We called them about the floor mats and they said that if it wasn't listed, they could not ensure us that they would fit.  However, based on responses from others on the forum, we went ahead and ordered them and they fit great. 
Thanks for the info. I think we might order a set of the floor mats also. Since you also have a 2018 was the a stock number or reference number for the set of mats?

Tips and Tricks / Re: Kitchen Towel Bar Addition
« on: September 27, 2018, 10:33:08 am »
Great idea, thanks for the idea, we will pick up one at Bed Bath and Beyond this week. We are just getting our PC organized.

Tips and Tricks / Side window visors for a 2018 E-450
« on: September 27, 2018, 10:28:23 am »
We picked up our new 3100 July 30th and are appreciative of all the tips listed on this forum. What we would like to put on the cab side windows are door visors so we can lower the window a inch or so when it is raining. I can't seem to find these on any website for this model. Does anyone have these on their units? Also, does anyone have the Magna Shade sunshades for their Cruiser? If so, what are the pros and cons you have experienced. Thanks

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