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1  Main Forum / General Discussion / A non-owner suggestion. on: May 26, 2011, 11:16:59 am
I am  new to this forum and I do not own a PC, but I hope to one day.  Currently I will not be buying one for reasons I will not go into.
But my reason for writing is that I been  reading and following many of postings in the forum.  Even though I do not have PC, I do own a class c motorhome and have found many helpfull things, that also pretain to some of the problems I have had. Some problems seem to be very complicated, but with simple solutions.  Problem is finding those simple solutions.  So my suggestion would be for Phoenix Cruiser to have one of their knowledgeable techs to respond to some of the reoccurring issues that pop up in this forum.  Phoenix Cruiser could pay that person and little extra for his(her) time.  It would certainly be a service that many PC owners would appreciate.

I know that  owner experiences are very helpful, but sometimes it is the blind leading the blind. 
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