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General Discussion / Re: TRX
« Last post by 2 Frazzled on Today at 05:38:19 am »
I don't understand the gravity feed on the passenger side though as hookups are almost always on the driver's side and they have run lines over to the driver's side to the 4 way/3 way valve.
The water tank in the 2552 is on the passenger side with the inlet right over it so that gravity feed works. If the inlet was on the driver side, the water would have to flow under the rig then back up to the tank. Not sure where tank is on other models.
General Discussion / Cruiser Sighting
« Last post by Pejibaye on July 17, 2019, 08:14:52 pm »
A first for us: today we saw a Cruiser pulling a tan/beige car heading south on Route 162 in Knoxville TN at the intersection with Hardin Valley Road.  We thought we probably had the only PC in Knoxville, so were happy to see we're not alone. 
General Discussion / Re: dehumidifier in rv while stored
« Last post by Ron Dittmer on July 17, 2019, 07:03:58 pm »
Every issue on this forum is not because people choose to have a slide.
Oh boy, I did not realize my comments and inputs were taken as such.  I am so sorry about that.
Ron - you may get lucky with those e-150 aftermarket progressive springs because the e-350 Super Duty has a much larger, heavier engine. 

Progressive dual-rate springs act like a 2-stage suspension. The lighter (tightly spaced) coils compress first until touching before the stiffer (widely spaced) coils compress under more extreme conditions, resulting in a softer ride without compromising handling and braking too much.

Because pure lowering springs are significantly shorter, they also have to be  much stiffer to prevent bottoming out, resulting in a much  harsher ride.

Custom spring manufactures measure true ride height between the wheel center and fender lip to eliminate wheel and tire size variables. But you won’t find any data for an e-150 with a 6.8 engine swap anyway, so go for it  2o2. You may want to test drive it and then let it settle inside the bat cave for a few weeks before aligning, just in case the new springs sag, then measure it again periodically after putting on some miles.

Here’s a better explanation from a real engineer - the last paragraph may be of particular  interest 😎
Thank you for the encouragement!

I would strongly suggest you keep the old springs so you can have them re-installed if and when you sell your PC.

Modifications the affect the load capacity and steering geometry (lowered front end) can create a liability for you should that change cause an injury or accident.

Just sayin'

Your choice.

I appreciate your comment Don.

One thing I can say is that my front end is higher and lighter than it should be, so much that the alignment shop had to use offset bushings for a proper alignment.  I am hoping that one of a few benefits from the E150 springs is that I could go back to centered bushings, bringing the front suspension back down to the OEM Ford spec position.

I will surely keep the original E350 springs, tossing them up in the attic where I just might forget I have them, ha, ha.
I agree with Herr Dittmer, use this goof to do some crankcase cleaning. Anyone else recall back in to old days, when we would add a small amount of transmission fluid (say about 1/4 quart) and then run the engine prior to an oil change?  The detergent in the transmission fluid would help remove crud from the crankcase.

- CD
  I recall a quart of kerosene.  Then there was a product called Rislone still sold today.  I wonder if it is simple kerosene, ha, ha.
Speaking of doctor-in-a-bottle products, many years ago I bought a used 1986 Pontiac Fiero-GT with the 2.8L-MFI engine.  I used DeKarbonizer, a valve-cleaning product that as I recall, worked this way.

1) start the engine and warm it up to normal operating temperature
2) have someone sit in the driver seat and maintain, I think it was 1500-2000 rpm while you use the product
3) take off a vacuum line on the intake manifold close to the throttle body
4) insert an extra long vacuum hose from there to the bottle of DeKarbonizer
5) with a pliers, pinch the hose and release the fluid such that the bottle empties within a specific period of time, like maybe two minutes.

The white smoke generated during consumption was tremendous.

Prior to the treatment, the engine required premium fuel to avoid the engine knocking/bottling sound.  Afterward, I could go back to spec regular.  The product worked great.
General Discussion / Re: TRX
« Last post by Ron Dittmer on July 17, 2019, 06:06:34 pm »
Being a very satisfied owner of a 2007 PC, I wonder how it might be if Phoenix returned to the basics of the 2007 model year, to help them through the next down-turn in the RV industry.  I wonder if each current-day enhancement had it's own price tag, how many people ordering a PC would select them.

One thing I feel Phoenix missed the mark on is the outer rear wall with spare tire, and another wall design without a spare tire.  I always felt they should have offered one wall system with a side-hinged rectangular spare tire compartment large enough to accommodate zero gravity chairs, folding bicycles, or whatever else bulky in place of a spare tire.  This way the factory deals with one wall design for every PC made, and the buyer has choices before and after taking delivery.  He can carry a spare or other things that could utilize the spare tire compartment.

I also feel Phoenix should offer a full body paint option that paints the house the same white color as the van portion.  A white painted exterior would look great for so many more years, and very easy to keep clean compared to a raw gel coat finish.  Painting just the house a single color should be quite affordable for people who are on a tighter budget.
General Discussion / Re: TRX
« Last post by CalCruiser on July 17, 2019, 02:54:01 pm »
Interesting that class b van sales are getting hammered the worst. There's still a glut of unsold Roadtreks and Carados left over from the bankruptcy too. 20% below invoice doesn't even move them. 

But apparently Winnebago Revels are selling for full msrp with a waiting list .
To Barry or Pete or whoever is running the TRX program - maybe consider going back and reading the original TRX thread sometime before committing to a new floorplan  ;)
General Discussion / Re: TRX
« Last post by gandalf42 on July 17, 2019, 02:17:59 pm »
gandalf42, I find my 2013 to really work well for us.   A hole on the passenger's side to put fresh water into the tank.  A hookup direct to the plumbing system on the driver's side.  A couple of valves to flush the gray and black tanks.  I like that last one best.  I had one of those awful wands you stuck down into the black tank to try and clean it and they worked but YUCK!   

The flush valves are great to have. I don't understand the gravity feed on the passenger side though as hookups are almost always on the driver's side and they have run lines over to the driver's side to the 4 way/3 way valve.
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