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What's Level?

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What's Level?
« on: February 23, 2010, 09:56:56 am »
When the refrigerator is operating either on propane or AC, it must be either be in motion (on the road) or at plus or minus 3 longitudinal (front to back) or plus or minus 6 transverse (side to side) when stationary (parked). Since the Sprinter-based 2350 does not have leveling jacks, one must find a level campsite or use blocks to level the unit. Our plan is to find a level spot. This may be a culturally biased approach for people who live near towns with names like Lowland and Sea Level.

To help us find a level spot, we added two plus or minus 10 levels (clinometers). See the photos. The longitudinal level is over the refrigerator; the other is in the doorframe so that one can gage the terrain outside while looking at that level. We added red marks using a Sharpie to each level to indicate the maximums.

While there are a number of levels available, we got ours at the local West Marine store. We use this same brand on the boat and they hold up well.

How do you level the levels? Since it is the refrigerator that must be level, we aligned the longitudinal level with the refrigerator doorframe. We used a 4 ft level to find a level parking spot on the road then attached the transverse level in the doorframe at 0.
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