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Raleigh RV Show

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Raleigh RV Show
« on: March 01, 2010, 11:17:37 am »
I went to the 21st Annual RV Show at the NC State Fairgrounds in Raleigh, NC this weekend. I camped at the fairgrounds. The campsite is full-service (30 and 50A, water, pump out and trash pickup) but an austere place. On the plus side, itís close to the show venue and the security is provided by uniformed police. It cost $25 per night. I would stay there again if I were in business in Raleigh.

I enjoyed the show. It featured a $1.8M Class A that seemed like a glossy freight car-sized road machine on the outside and a luxury New York condo on the inside.

I looked over the numerous Sprinter-based units since we have the 2350S. Winnebago uses the Sprinter chassis for a Class B (Era), a C (View and View Profile), and surprisingly a 25ft 6in A (the Via). The View Profile is somewhat similar to our PC 2350. Comparing units based on price, layout, features, and build quality; weíre quite happy with our PC 2350S.

Many units at the show featured outside home theaters and cooking facilities that pop out from the unitís side. These features are not things that I personally lust for. However, an external gas tap for a grill under the awning would be a nice feature on the 2350.
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