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Doors Adrift

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Doors Adrift
« on: March 13, 2010, 05:22:43 pm »
I noticed that one of the flip-up doors in the cabinet over the sofa was loose in our 2350S. The hinge screws were loose on the cabinet frame side. I removed a screw and saw that it was only a half-inch #6 particleboard screw. Too short for the job!

Better to get the whole job over with once rather than wait for one failure after another. So, I replaced all 32 such fastners in the three doors over the sofa and the door over the DVD player with one inch #6 particleboard screws. The old short screws hold OK in the hardwood doors.

I had to use a stubby #2 phillips screwdriver and an offset #2 to get all of them all in. The result is that all four doors are attached solidly now to their frames. Particleboard screws have full threads so they grip the frame composite material better than a wood screw. Use steel screws with zinc chromate coating. They are less likey to rust. Black oxide sheetrock screws will work but they can rust.

If the new ones do not work, I'll replace them with one and one-half inch screws.
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