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Optional Driving Lights with Color Matched Bumper Cover

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Optional Driving Lights with Color Matched Bumper Cover
« on: March 18, 2010, 05:50:36 pm »
I am starting to try and understand my recently acquired 2006 PC 2551.  I have the optional driving lights in the front bumper, but can't figure out how to turn them on.  They have wires going to them, but do not come on with either the parking light position or in the headlight position either on high or low beam.  Do I have a wiring problem, or is it one of the two unlabeled white switches at the bottom of the driver's end of the dash. I know one of these allows the house and chassis batteries to be paralleled - is the other one for the lights?  Any help would be appreciated before I take it to my mechanic and ask him to trace it out.  Thanks.



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Re: Optional Driving Lights with Color Matched Bumper Cover
« Reply #1 on: March 19, 2010, 11:08:44 am »
I have a 2007 Phoenix Cruiser with the same optional bumper cover and fog lights.

You almost answered your own question mentioning those two white switches.

The switch that stays in the on position is for those fog lights.  I think they work only with the engine running and maybe only when the headlights are on, maybe not with the bright lights.  You need to experiment with that.

The switch that springs back to the off position is for jump-starting your engine using the coach batteries.  Use it only if your engine battery is dead.  You hold the switch on when turning the ignition key.  When the engine starts you let go of the switch and the engine is back to dependancy on the  dead engine battery.  With the engine running, the dead engine battery will get charged from the alternator.
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