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Big Bend National Park

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Big Bend National Park
« on: February 24, 2013, 11:04:55 am »
Just spent the last two weeks at Big Bend. A nice place to visit. Some of the scenery is the best we have seen out here in the Southwest.  Nice campgrounds.  Stayed at all three.  Also spent about one week in primative campgrounds, which are our favorites.
No problem with Mexicans.  Talked to one on a horse, who bought provisions at the camp store.  They are cattlemen farmers, just trying to carve out a living for them and their families.  No problem with border patrols, as didn't see much of them in the park.  maybe twice we seen them on the road. Park ranger said as long as Mexicans behave themselves, we don't bother them.   

Anyway.... our new PC is doing very well.  The 300 watts of solar is keeping the 4 golf cart batteries happy, and never ran out of power.  Most of the campgrounds there don't allow generators... We don't have one anyway!  Even using the inverter to brew coffee doesn't phase the batteries.

Now were off to N. Mexico and Arizona going as far as Quartzite.

Gas miliage so far... After 2200 miles, took almost 220 gallions, and that was bucking 20-30mph winds some days. (seems like the wind is always coming at you when traveling! :) )

Happy trails,
Denny and Barb
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