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Trip notes 2013

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Trip notes 2013
« on: August 14, 2013, 12:13:34 pm »

A. Our 2910 Phoenix Crusier attracts compliments everwhere we go; camp grounds, filling stations, taking pictures, entering National parks, at rallys and jazz camp, etc.  I have lost track of how many people have been in our coach to take a look. They have never seen anything like it. "Where did you get it? Who makes it?". I tell them it is made in Elkhart Indiana by a company that specializes in "Upscale downsizing".  Sales are usually direct to eliminate dealer profit. Customization is possible.  After-sale support has been beyond expectations.  (My pride and satisfaction must show).

B. Last summer I watched the engine breaking-in by way of a Scangauge % calibration factor change, however the mpg remained stuck at 9.4 mpg for the first 10,000 miles.  So far this year things are looking better. Fuel efficiency has been creeping up... at 22,000 miles now almost 9.6 mpg.

C. Our Sprinter had about 95,000 miles on it before we traded it to Stuart for our current rig.  Never had a need to rotate tires.  This Summer the right front tire got noisy. Had to rotate at about 17,000 miles.

D. We were shocked when we first tried to visit a California State Park.  We were "oversize" (longer than 25 feet) and would have to pay double to enter.    Our park plans ended immediately. I found that this is a new rule that started Aug. 2012.

E. The macerator is a hoot.  At the jazz camp they parked us beside the maintenence building for electric and water only. Snooping around I found the sewer line for that row of buildings along a trail in back.  I also found a garden hose back there. That plus the macerator hose made the 50 feet to the path and the sewer so we could dump.


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Re: Trip notes 2013
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2013, 08:32:49 am »
Am I to understand you used someone else's garden hose to dump your tanks?
Carry on, regardless..................
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