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« Reply #15 on: June 17, 2014, 11:37:51 am »
The 2350 has been great for:
Street parking - even in parallel spots I've found legal & safe places to park... Usually at the end of the block.
Traveling with up to 5 people - using the captain's chair behind the passenger side is ideal for strapping in a car seat
Tight spots - 26' sites (common in Michigan state parks) fit this coach with ease
Boon docking -  with the mild summer we've had, the generator has only been fired up to run the microwave
I agree with you on all accounts.

Our 2350 works very nicely for 5 people travelling.  Our no-slide dinette does mean that two guests will need a pup tent....the price of being guests.

We appreciate our 3rd captain seat as a safe & comfortable seat-belt-secure place in back for a travelling guest.  It's the best seat to relax in anytime, with or without guests.

I think the euro chair would be nice with a slide-out as long as it's always just two people traveling.  That comfy chair can be moved around with the extra available floor space.

The 2350 is a great model choice as long as you can handle the limited access rear corner double bed.  I wonder if getting the optional longer bed in the 2450 would make enough of a difference in that regard.
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