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Report on alignment and handling of our 2552

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Re: Report on alignment and handling of our 2552
« Reply #15 on: March 29, 2014, 10:47:56 am »
It is interesting that some PC-2552 owners say their rig has extremely good handling because of their later chassis design and wheel base to rear overhang ratio.  Then two 2552 owners here decided to get suspension upgrades on their brand new rigs that yielded amazing results.  Also interesting was the video report on the stock "noodle action" sway bars.

I will continue to recommend the suspension upgrades we had done to our 2007-E350.
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Re: Report on alignment and handling of our 2552
« Reply #16 on: March 29, 2014, 12:31:03 pm »
Ron:  I think it's a mix of many factors, a lot being subjective.  I was happily surprised by how well my 2552 handled when I received it (subjective).  It had a bit of 'play' or 'float' when steering, but given the size and weight of an RV as opposed to a truck or car I assumed this was normal and it didn't bother me all that much (subjective). If I had previous experience to draw upon and compare  I might have determined that the 'float' was normal, too much or outstanding.  After the addition of the steering/suspension upgrades there was marked improvement.  Definitely wanted the Safe-T-Plus in case of a blowout anyway.  I'm assuming if I also change to Bilstein shocks there will be an improvement.  Other upgrades could be positive, depending on how our 2552 is loaded, whether we choose to run with full or empty tanks, how many people we are carrying, types of roof mounted wind catchers we have installed, whether we are on California back roads or NY highways, etc.   I now think that the same model in different circumstances will handle a bit differently depending on how and where they are used.  But again, right out of the box (or factory) mine was easy and comfortable to drive.  As my local RV tech told me, there are many additions that he could install to make the ride more comfortable or responsive.....just depends on how much things bother you and how much you want to spend.   Do I really need the total body massage heated drivers seat with aromatherapy?  Hmmmm...probably!  Actually, the only thing I would probably add in the future is a remote controlled rear view camera so I could move it around from the drivers area and see either the hitch, tow car or left/right traffic back there.



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Re: Report on alignment and handling of our 2552
« Reply #17 on: March 29, 2014, 08:22:06 pm »
Oh, don't get me wrong. When I drove my 2552 off the lot, I thought it handled fairly well. But I figured if I could get it better I would.  In the past I bought a used 34 ft class A that was about 12 years old. I fought with it on trips and thought it was normal. After trading it in for my 2350, I was happy with the handling of the Mercedes but figured it could be better. A year later I got my 2552 and decided to get it checked out by experts and the difference was noticeable. Pre modifications the drive was OK but I'm glad I put the additions on. One of these days if I ever get the videos put on youtube, you'll be able to see the difference from the underside. I have the before and after videos, I just need to get them out there for you to see.

Jim Poddany - 2552