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Another New Model Being Offered, The 2450

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Re: Another New Model Being Offered, The 2450
« Reply #15 on: October 29, 2014, 02:58:41 am »
As for us, we owned a tiny motor home for 24 years without a dinette.  Actually it did have a large dinette, but we kept it setup as our primary bed all the time so we did without dinette conveniences.  Back in 2007 when shopping for a replacement motor home, our primary goal was to have both a dinette and a double bed on the main floor.  Our 2350 was the winner.  We love having the dinette available all the time.  We would never do without it again.

If anyone decides on ordering any PC with a dinette, I highly recommend getting the leather-like cushions with memory foam.  We ordered ours in cloth with standard foam.  Both cloth & cushion turned out to be uncomfortable.  Years later we bought the upgrade cushions and were "Wow'd" by the improvement in comfort.  They even provide a little more elbow room because they are a little thinner.  I never have to get up anymore to rescue my butt or back.  Our dinette can't compare to a couch for comfort, but there is always another reason to get up before I get to that point.  Having the extra comfy seat by the door is nice when one of us wants to kick back and relax.
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Re: Another New Model Being Offered, The 2450
« Reply #16 on: October 29, 2014, 07:17:25 am »
We had booth dinette's in the past when our children were younger and agree they are handy. We did most of our traveling back then with all seven of us. The booth dinette was great for four of us at meal time and also doubled as a bed for two of our children.
Although our previous class c motorhome was great for our whole family providing sleeping for eight, there was no comfortable place to sit and relax. When shopping for our Phoenix we decided it was more important for us to have comfortable places to sit and relax than to have a stationary place to eat.
We really like our 2450, it's small enough to take just about anywhere, sleeps four comfortably and provides four very comfortable places to sit and relax in the evenings. The electric reclining sofa seats two, the euro chair the third and the  passenger seat swivels to make the fourth seat.

It's a GREAT Coach!