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Trip Advice Albuguerque to Portland

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Trip Advice Albuguerque to Portland
« on: November 10, 2014, 11:30:00 am »
If you google this trip it shows go to Albuguerque  to Farmington NM to Provo,, then back on the Interstate  has anyone traveled these State Highways???    I like traveling the interstate on such a long trip also were trying to do400 to 500 a day in a hurry to get to Portland,,,(after that were headed to Alaska),, and it seems every time I go these back routes you lose so much time   I would rather stay on I-10 go to Kingman, to Vegas , up to Reno then Portland,,,, traveled the road from Vegas to Reno before, good highway  just steep haha..   Any thoughts would be appreciated.
It adds about 300 miles going to Vegas and up

PS  were traveling from Houston,,,