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tail wagging the dog

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tail wagging the dog
« on: July 18, 2010, 01:17:49 pm »
Just returned on a trip to Maine from N. E. PA.   Towed my Jeep Liberty behind our 2350 Ford.  Towed great except for a little bit of tail wagging dog when big rigs flew by. I think I will have to make some of the chasis upgrades suggested by Ron Ditmer.  When I was pulling a long hill coming our of PA I had to stay in the passing lane to get past the other slow motorhomes pulling toads. No problems on power, that is for sure.


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Re: tail wagging the dog
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2010, 09:13:26 am »
As you referenced me mentioning in other posts, the Henderson rear trak bar eliminates the "Tail Wagging The Dog".
For the E350, Click Here
For the E450, Click Here

On a related note, I am nearing the end of setting up our 2006 Jeep Liberty and 2007-PC2350 for towing using a Roadmaster Falcon-II hitch, and Unified Tow Brake system.  In the past we towed a fun little sports car, but in the interest of adventure, we sold the car and bought the 4x4 Liberty last winter which doubles as my wife's everyday vehicle.  She picked it out and loves that thing.

To see the Roadmaster Tow Bar Bracket I installed on the Liberty, Click Here
To see the Unified Tow Brake system: Click Here

After watching the video along with reviewing alternatives, I decided on the Unified.
The Phoenix Cruiser on the E350 chassis requires model UTB-1000.  I think the E450 would require model UTH-1000.
I completed the tow vehicle portion last night, which was the bulk of the work as seen in the diagram.  The motor home portion remains which appears to be extremely simple by comparison.  I found the installation for the tow vehicle to be quite challenging for me.  I could have whipped through the installation process much faster for the sake of time, but I wanted the installation clean, as invisible as possible, and as trouble-free as possible.
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