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Tow Bar Boot Replacement

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Tow Bar Boot Replacement
« on: October 16, 2015, 02:26:59 pm »
While on a recent trip, we noticed our tow bar boots (Blue Ox Aladdin) had small holes in them and the latch handle grips showed a lot of wear.  Checked around for the parts and found E-trailer had the best price (under $30 for all the parts delivered).  Here are the links to the parts I used.

Replacement Latch Handle Grip

Replacement Rubber Boot

Below is the process I used to replace the latch handle grips and the rubber boots.  There may be other ways but this worked for me.

Latch Handle Grips ( Less than 5 Minutes )

The grips have a snug fit but proved to be relatively easy to remove.  A combination pulling/twisting motion and the grips pull right off.  The new grips just pushed into place.

Rubber Boot ( 20 - 30 Minutes per Leg)

1. Cut off the old boot from the tow bar leg.
2. Extend the leg, lock in place and clean off the old grease.
3. Remove the triple lug at the end of the arm. Discard the locking nut and SAVE the bolt.  The nut is not designed for reuse.
4. Start with the large end of the boot, spray some silicone inside the boot and slide the boot over the leg pivot onto the leg.  The key here is to lubricate the inside of the boot.
5. Pull the boot back to expose the leg of the tow bar and apply a light coat of lithium grease.
6. Secure the large end of the boot with the included (larger) zip tie.
7. Attach the other end of the boot with included (smaller) zip tie.
8. Reattach the triple lug with the new included locking nut and bolt from step 3.
9. Move leg in and out to work in grease.

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