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Inspect Your Roof, It Might Need A Touch Of Caulk Here And There Like Ours

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Since I am relatively new to the PC forum I have been reading through some of the earlier posts and saw this thread on resealing previously caulked areas.  My experience with silicone caulk has not been very good.  The problem with it is nothing will permanently adhere to it not even more silicone.  Once used it is next to impossible to get all of it off to recaulk.  I know there are a lot of manufacturers using silicone which can seal for awhile but it is when the eventual crack or detachment occurs that resealing issues begin.

This article explains some the properties of some of available sealants, adhesives, and bedding materials.


I am certainly no expert but it appears the Dicor self leveling material is widely used.  It is relatively easy to touch up minor cracks in the Dicor by first cleaning the area to be recoated with mineral spirits and then using the Dicor self leveling material generously.  By remaining rubbery it has reasonably good elongation properties but looses some of that with age and exposure. The article above explains the importance of elongation in reducing failure for sealants.

I have successfully used butyl tapes (very good elongation properties) but its main use is bedding of components not touching up cracks.  The article also discusses butyl tapes.