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Windshield & Van Door Window Sun Shades - Cheap, Effective, Easy To Use & Store

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Hi Everyone,

During our recent trip out to New England, we stayed a number of nights at Walmarts.  We always try to show our appreciation by buying something.  At a Walmart in Gorham, NH, the store had an end-of-season clearance on their selection of automotive pop-open sun shades.  At only $2 per set, I bought the Super Jumbo plain silver/black ones that cover the E350/E450 wind shield perfectly.  I gambled and also bought the "Universal" size which happens to work fairly well on the van door windows.  I was impressed enough to go back inside the store and buy 2 more sets of each size.  I am giving a set of each size as a Christmas present to my brother for his E350 Starflyte.  The other set is a backup for myself.

Yesterday we were home at our local Walmart near Chicago and I see they too are clearing the same pop-open sun shades for $2 per set.

These cheap pop-open sun shades are nice for quick privacy that also does a decent job at blocking the heat of the sun.  They store nicely together in either of our driver & passenger backrest pockets.  We have been using the Super Jumbo set for our PC wind shield for many years now but it is time to retire them.

I know there are better products available, but for $4 and easy storage, and my experience with them, I thought it was worth sharing this with you all.

Ron Dittmer

These are the ones for $2 per set on clearance at Walmart.  Pictured are the Super Jumbo size for the windshield.  On the back of the package, it specifically states that it fits the E-series van.  The ones for the van doors is the smaller size called Universal.  Walmart seems to sell just the two sizes so you can't get it wrong.
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