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Hydraulic Jacks and Frame Bending

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Re: Hydraulic Jacks and Frame Bending
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    Back in 1984 when I got my first set of HWH jacks, which were installed on a 26' class C, they came with four levers. One for each jack. In 1989 when I got my second set of HWH jacks, which were installed on a 34' class A,  they came with push button controls. The buttons would control two jacks at a time. HWH told me that this was to prevent twisting of the frame. They went with this system because some of the larger motorhomes would twist if only one jack was raised to high. Then the windshield might pop out. In those days the glues used were not as good as today. I have not heard of any problems with this system since then, until this tread came along. Maybe it is time to stop worrying and enjoy life.


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Re: Hydraulic Jacks and Frame Bending
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As for me and my thoughts & experience comparing a Ford to a Chevy.

Back in 2007 when we were looking to buy a motor home, my brother owned a 1996 Chevy Express conversion van of which I had driven a few times.  I wanted a Chevy chassis, not the Ford for I loved the Chevy much more for the many reasons people give, from quiet to comfort, general friendliness.  Had Phoenix been building on both Ford and Chevy, I would have counted the extra inches in length of the Chevy and likely would have ordered one.

My single biggest complaint about the Ford is something nobody discusses on any forum.  When I sit in the driver seat, the gas and brake petals are significantly skewed to the left.  It is uncomfortable to sit at an angle in that direction, but I do it to work for me.  When on cruise control I like to straighten my self out to get more comfortable.  Of coarse the petals are now in the wrong places when I need to accelerate or brake.  You can imagine what happens when I need to "panic" brake.  Fortunately as the years pass, I have gotten pretty good to instinctively go left.
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