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The Ford Museum & Greenfield Village

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The Ford Museum & Greenfield Village
« on: August 31, 2018, 07:03:40 am »
We are near Detroit at Wayne County Fairgrounds and RV park. It is basically a grassy parking lot with benefits (hook ups, shower, dump station, propane) but not bad. Spaces are tight but we aren't spending much time in camp. It is conveniently near a highway which means road noise but it hasn't kept us awake.

The beauty of it is the quick access to The Ford. We plan to spend at least three days there now and more after the rally while our rig is serviced so we bought a membership with ride pass. We spent yesterday at Greenfield Village and it was great. Ford gathered houses and shops of historical significance and moved them here. We're really enjoying wandering and learning. AND we got to ride in a Model T, and Ford AA bus and on a coal/steam train (wear your glasses to avoid grit in the eye). We plan to hop on a horse drawn carriage for a tour today and maybe catch the Ford Rouge factory tour. So much to see and do. By the end of the day I was eyeing the electric scooters people rented. I need to get in shape. Being a tourist is hard work.

We also plan to hit the Yankee Air Museum to see some of the historic planes and artifacts. That's even closer than The Ford.

There is a Phoenix 2552 with Maryland plates in the front area of the RV park but they seem to be out every time we go by. If you recognize yourself, come say hi - we'd love to meet you. We are in the back near Walmart.
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