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Shakedown trip

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Shakedown trip
« on: November 30, 2019, 05:33:41 pm »
Plans have it that we are to pick up our new 2351D the first part of April and want to take it on a 2 - 3 week trip to "see what we bought". Being that time of year and the temps being still pretty cool, we want to head south to a warmer climate and we're looking for ideas. Living in St. Louis, we know what is the general temp is there and want something a bit warmer, with out necessarily heading to the panhandle of Florida, etc.
One thought was to try Tims Ford State Park, TN for a couple of days and then tour the Jack Daniels Distillery. We are not private campground people and mainly stay to state & COE parks. Not an over abundance of COE parks open April 1, but still looking. We generally only spend 2-3 days in one campground then feel the urge to move on.
Thinking of going a bit further into GA, AL or MS for some more parks, but unsure of where. Really don't to venture too far from the mothership in Elkhart, just in case there is a failure or issue.
But there again the DW (Dear Wife) tells me that Florida wouldn't be all that bad. But how can we make reservations when we're unsure of when we'll leave the plant or arrive. And Florida parks are impossible that time of the year with out them.
Would like some ideas for not only campgrounds, but also sights, historical, interesting places and good food.
Bob is what we call our PC 2100, and he has taken us from campers to RV'ers and loving it.



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Re: Shakedown trip
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2019, 09:41:55 am »

I'm sure you're going to love the 2351D.  I just posted my impressions from our first shakedown trips in my "New PC owner" thread in case you're interested.
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