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Tulsa - Cheyenne - Estes Park - Buena Vista - Tulsa

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Tulsa - Cheyenne - Estes Park - Buena Vista - Tulsa
« on: September 05, 2009, 10:18:35 pm »
We finally got out (maiden voyage for us, in this rig)  in our '07 2700.  First night to Russel,Ks second to to Pine Bluff, Wyo. We are towing a Suzuki GV 4 down and the uphill route is slow going both from the towing ability of the 2700 (V10) and being speed limited to 55 mph by the Susi maker (I miss the 6 speed diesel of the HR we had).  Cheyenne to Laramie on I-80 is up/down shift nightmare/heaven, scenery is awesome.  Decided after meeting a fellow fly-reel collector buddy of mine in Cheyenne to take a tour of the Snowy Mountains - well worth the trip - BUT NO SERVICES from Laramie through the mountains and minimal on the the other side, Careful here.  Down to Gould, CO and again minimal services but had to pay dearly for gas in Walden, CO.
At this point i wanted to go to Ft Collins, Co via Poudre River Canyon - disappointed - bark beetle tree kill is severe and definitely detracts.  Estes is hard to beat so we stayed and toured awhile.  Down to Buena Vista and didn't even smoke the brakes like we did in the "A" once upon a time (took out the anti-lock sensors).   The run downhill run from Estes to Idaho Springs is pretty steep, especially the last 15-20 miles or so.   Pulled the Eisenhower (I-70) pass/tunnel with no problem but the 7% grade on the West side of the tunnel can be exciting.  Pulled the Freemont pass from Coppermountain to Leadville, slow but no real problems.  Downhill all the way to Buena Vista and fishing in the Arkansas river, even caught fish.  Left BV for Dodge City, Ks, and it's smooth sailing on the way home. Spent the night in Dodge and headed home.

NO PROBLEMS from a used ''B" and it's unpacked and washed in an evening and a day.  Sure is a world of difference between it and the time wasting monster ''A'' we had.

Glad to be back in something smaller although I will admit I miss the transmission/engine/torque combo flexibility that the big rigs have.

Didn't keep track of every fill point mileage but the hard pulls were around 8.5 and we saw one in Kansas that was over 10 mpg.  One down hill run in Kansas from Colorado was also in the 8.5 mpg range hmmm?.   But then again I have seen that before in our other ''B'' (460 Ford) and in the ''A'' (ISB 300HP).

Trip cost ~$1600, price avg. of campsites = $35.00, $50 in Estes.  Thinking they may have a firm aim on their foot.  Didn't see many families, 95%+ retiree's.  That doesn't bode well for the future.

I think I'll keep it.

L. G.



Re: Tulsa - Cheyenne - Estes Park - Buena Vista - Tulsa
« Reply #1 on: September 06, 2009, 06:14:31 am »
 tymote so much for the review of your new (to you) Cruiser and the trip. Reading about peoples' experiences on the road is my favorite part of the forum.