Introducing the CLASS® (Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension System)

A smoother, smarter, safer suspension system by LiquidSpring™

Experience a smoother, luxury ride with safer handling with LiquidSpring’s™ new suspension system, called CLASS®, or Compressible Liquid Adaptive Suspension SystemCLASS® is the next generation vehicle suspension system, utilizing a strut, with a compressible fluid as the spring/damping medium, and its sophisticated on-board microprocessor, CLASS® adapts the entire vehicle’s response to road variations and the driver. Unlike current steel and air sprung suspension systems, CLASS® is the only commercial suspension system that can automatically and instantaneously change the spring stiffness and damping at each wheel over a very broad range with minimal power consumption while the vehicle is being driven and without driver intervention. Find CLASS® for your vehicle today!

Recreational Vehicle (RV) Suspensions – Traveling America in Style with a Smoother Ride

Get there in greater comfort. Smoother rides mean less fatigue for the driver. And less wear and tear on your vehicle. Longer vehicle life and greater resale values too.

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