Web Privacy Policy of Phoenix USA RV, Inc. (Phoenix Cruiser)

At Phoenix Cruiser we value your privacy as much as we value our own. Any information provided by you (e-mail address, telephone, name, etc) to us is never and will never be sold, loaned, given, or in any way shared with anyone outside of what is required by law, or necessary to perform actions you have requested us to perform.

What Information We Collect

Via the website, we collect certain nonpublic personal identifying information about you (such as your name, address, e-mail address, phone number) when you provide it to us in contact requests or while signing up for our forum. We also collect anonymous data such as: screen size, operating system type, browser type, and which pages are visited so that we can use that information to customize a website that best meets the needs of our clients. For instance, did you know that a great majority of our visitors use widescreen monitors? We use information such as that to make sure our website is attractive and especially usable on a widescreen monitor as well as a standard. We do not collect individual data (such as tying a specific configuration to a specific visitor), but we do collect it in the aggregate (We can see what percentage of our visitors use Internet Explorer, or what percentage of our visitors got to us looking for a 4×4).

What Do We Do With Cookies

We set a cookie sometimes to last 2-3 days when we have overlay or popup information. That cookie is just to let us know you’ve been here before and don’t need to be bothered with the overlay or popup again. We personally hate being bombarded with an overlay we have to dismiss on every page or every time we visit a site. Also, a cookie is set to tell us what color scheme was applied on your visit to the site–that way every page in the site will have the same color scheme for you in that visit, but if you refresh, the cookie is reset, and you’ll get a different color scheme. Go ahead and refresh your screen right now and you’ll get another color. I’ll wait. Neat, right? There’s also a way you can set a cookie to always get the color you want. In the forum there are cookies set for all kinds of things–to let you stay logged in, to let you see new or read messages, to let you post comments. None of our cookies follow you around the internet after you leave our site.

What Information We Disclose

We do not disclose any information about you to anyone except to have specific employees communicate with you if you’ve asked us to. If we were required by law to share that information with law enforcement officials, we suppose we would have to do that, but we cannot really imagine a possibility where that would come into play.


Basically it comes down to this. We want you to have the best experience possible while on our website, and we want you to feel comfortable filling out a price quote or a contact request, because the information you give us is not going beyond Phoenix Cruiser. Ever. We don’t even e-mail you without your specific request to do so. We want to have a relationship with you, not make money off of selling your personal data. Our business is selling RV’s that belong to us, not data which belongs to you.